Went to Kochadaiiyaan: The Legend tamil Movie

kochadaiyaan movie
kochadaiyaan movie

We all know that Kochadaiyaan is super star Rajini movie and it is a 2014 Indian Tamil historical fiction-action film. It is the the first India Motion capture 3d movie ever.  This movie was Written by K. S. Ravikumar and directed by debutante Soundarya R. Ashwin.

I and My friend sathya Went to see Kochadaiiyaan movie on first day release. It was a good experience to see the 3d animation movie in chennai with such big crowd.  I and my friend enjoyed the super star rajini every move and dialogue 


It was a nice and awesome movie when you see it in 3d

Happy Pongal

A very Happy Pongal Wishes

Happy Pongal
Happy Pongal

A very happy Pongal to you and your family as we know Pongal 2014 is that festival which is celebrated mostly on Tamil Nadu. In this festival we celebrate it with our family and We send wishes and sms of Pongal in tamil.

Lets wake up,
Lets we all prepare for the pongal,
All member of family be there
And say..Pongal O Pongala together.

For Ajith and Vijay Fans
Veeram‬ no 1 in Tamil Nadu,US,Aus.
Jilla‬ no 1 in Kerala ,UK,Malaysia.
Truly Thala Thalapathy pongal!! Enjoy

Drinking water project

 Though India is surrounded by three sides water bodies we are now in the status of  buying water in packets and images2bottles.Those days water are pure and healthy but now water are contaminated by industrial efflucents and by natural calamities.Due to this our TN government has invested 800 crores for purifying drinking water supply in the state..
They are going to introduce the plan in ramanathapuram and in tuticorin district as the water resources are so salty and contanminated ie.desalination.Then they are going to use two
100-million litre-a-day  desalination plants in these districts as water resources are not comfortable for drinking use..

TN government going to develop projects in Thanjavur & Coimbatore etc by using water from Cauvery & Bhavani  from several districts.images1They have investigated  that there are about 60% waste in local water bodies which are bio-degradable so they decided to generate power from solid wastes.They have investment about 27 crores to generate power from solid wastes.


Can you all believe that pollution can bring cooler climate ?? images

It became true in London.We know that clouds are made up of  water droplets.when  manmade pollutants and natural emission colliding each other in clouds it brings unexpected cooling effect on earth by making clouds brighter and brighter.

which will make the clouds brighter and reflect back the sunlight to space?

The researches found that some organic compounds that are formed from forest emissions or from vehicle exhaust will affect the number of droplets in a cloud  and makes clouds appears brighter which leads to cooler climate ..

It’s Thala Day — Happy Birthday Ajith

Here comes ‘Thala Day’ … Happy Birthday Ajith!

Happy Birthday  my dear Thala.
Here comes ‘Thala Day’ … Happy Birthday Ajith! Thala is one of the most handsome actors in the industry. He is not only a capable actor and a star with a huge mass following, but he is good human being.
Ajith family has wife Shalini and his five year old daughter Anoushka. It is the great pleasure to wishe the star a very happy birthday on May 1

Justice for Eelam Tamils

Justice for Eelam Tamils
Justice for Eelam Tamils

Justice for Eelam Tamils triggered large-scale agitations in several parts of Chennai and districts.Earlier Student in chennai started with a ‘fast-to-death’  by eight students of Loyola College in Chennai on March 8. Then later the stir was risen and more college students started to come for the cause.

The student anger over Srilanka get out of control, the state government ordered closure of all colleges. The students have been protesting peacefully and the protests were done in various areas, without affecting the general public.

I seriously don’t know Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa escaped of killing more than one lakh Tamil people.

I strongly demanding action against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa for war crimes committed against the Tamil people.